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Meet Bekah + Joanne (+ hubbies)

Minneapolis, minnesota

"Joanne and I matched in August, just a few weeks after I started using the app. I love showing people around my city, so when I saw that Joanne was fairly new to the area, I was excited to meet her. Once we matched, I sent a message introducing myself and asking if she wanted to get coffee - and she messaged back saying yes! We ended up having cake for dinner and kicked off a sweet friendship.

At our first vina date, we exchanged numbers and planned to drag our significant others to a drunk spelling bee a couple weeks later. We’ve met up every two or three weeks since then, whether one-on-one, double dates, or with other friends! We've had a blast baking muffins and scones for a Halloween party, walking around Minneapolis and St. Paul, and continuing to enjoy tasty food together.

As we’ve said time and again, we’re so thankful we both had the courage to use Hey! VINA, and we’re so glad we found each other!"



San Francisco, CAlifornia

"Back a few months ago I went to a goal-setting class at General Assembly. At that class I met this chick that I thought was super cool. We even shared some of our goals with each other (one common goal being to be better at making friends). Even after that I felt too weird to ask her for her number to hang out, so I just slipped out after the class and went home.

The next day I pulled up my app and looked at some of my matches from the past week, and would you have it, I was matched with this same girl on Hey VINA! So I sent her a message, we connected on social media, and went out for brunch and a walk around Dolores.

Now we’re superrrr tight and she’s one of my best friends. (She’s also the only person I can obsess over Pretty Little Liars with!) That whole experience has made me much more open to taking risks and trying to make friends. If you don’t try, you’ll miss out on opportunities to meet people who change your life."



"Nancy and I made plans to meet up pretty soon after matching! We committed to one drink, but we had so much fun hanging out that we ended up getting another round and staying out past our bedtime!! It felt great to just sit and chat and laugh with another like-minded lady, with no preconceptions or expectations. Nancy also organized an awesome lady brunch and invited a couple of gals who she met on Hey! VINA, multiplying the friend-making power!

Laurel and I also agreed to get one drink, but then enjoyed hanging out so much that we got two! We bonded when we realized we are both Classpass addicts, so we agreed to meet up for a workout. After struggling through a brutal class together, we ended up spreading the vina love and asking another girl in class to join us for drinks afterwards. She has now also joined VINA! We've all hung out (and worked out!) together a couple of times since then, and last weekend we did a cookie swap at my place!"

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GLENDALE, CAlifornia

“I clicked on Temi’s profile because she was from the same city as me. What really caught my attention was the ‘What I Love About Myself’ answer on her profile. Her response was, ‘I love that I always persevere no matter the circumstances.’ I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this girl sounds so confident and resilient!’ We messaged each other and then met a few days later at a VINA brunch with 15 other women. Temi told us how she had moved here from Nigeria to follow her dream of becoming a doctor.

Although we come from different cultures, we have become great friends because of the app. Since we met, we have gone out to clubs and bars, watched movies, and told each other so many stories. She even convinced me to visit a popup called Disgusting Food Museum, where we tried everything in the tasting bar. Yes, it was disgusting, and no, I don’t want to do it again!

After hours and hours of talking about our daily lives and past experiences, we defined a new friendship that I know will last for years to come. I truly appreciate having someone as intelligent, kind, and hilarious as her in my life. Whenever I’m going through a disappointment, she’s the first one I text and she always replies with a warm message.”


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